PT2.1 - Engineering Goals


Project Manager - Emily

Drivetrain & Wheel Engineer - Ashwin

Chassis Engineer - Oliver 


9 March 2016 
- Assigning roles 
- Planning 
- Engineering goals

28 March 2016
- Build prototype 
- Complete Engineering goal and decision matrix

30 March 2016
- film prototype 1
- Improve prototype 

29 March 2016
- Film prototype 2

31 March 2016
- Make final improvements to mousetrap car

1 April 2016
- Testing 

3 April 2016
- Complete blog/ report 

Engineering goals

Part 1:

Base on Newton's second law, mass affects the acceleration of an object. The lighter the object, the greater the acceleration. Hence, the mouse trap car should be light to accelerate at a faster rate. Accelerating at a faster rate will enable our car to reach 8m in a shorter timing. (1 second)


- The chassis is a mechanical componenent that provide structural support for the mousetrap car. It should not be too light or too heavy. If it is too light, it would not be able to withsatand the force of the wound up mousetrap spring. A chassis that is too light will have less weight to push the car down, causing less tire traction. If the chassis is too heavy, it will require more energy at the start than a lighter frame. Some materials to consider for the chassis are wood, styrofoam, plastics,etc.

- The number of wheels a mousetrap car has does not necessarily affect the overall performance of the car. Using 3 wheels for our mousetrap will give us better wheel alignment. It is easier adjust the steering of the car as there is less wheels. A four wheel car has more stability as compared to a 3 wheel car. We are considering the diameter of the wheels in construction of our vehicle. The diameter of the wheel should be greater than the diameter of the axle to travel more distance. The wheels shouls be as light as possible to decrease rotational ineria. The materials to consider for the wheels are can lids, styrofoam, mat board, etc.

- The diameter axle has to be smaller than the diameter of the axle so that the wheel to axle ratio is large. Having a large wheel to axle ratio will enable the car to travel further.

- Aerodynamic shape to reduce air resistance. 


Length : 30cm 
Width : 8.5 cm
Height : 11.9 cm 

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